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Hello, there! Pleased to meet you! ✌️

My name is Olivia Shin, and I am a UX Researcher and Designer based in the greater Seattle area with a background in Psychology and Philosophy!

Throughout my undergrad studies, I spent days in and out writing extensive essays pertaining to anything from the latest scientific research on Alzheimer’s Disease to a hypothetical argument with the ever-famous philosopher, Rene Descartes. I dedicated the majority of my college career to studying personality and human cognition and was able to gain a deep, empathetic skill set for understanding and analyzing human behaviors, and had told myself that clinical psychology must be my end-all-be-all (because it's medicine or nothing, as many parents say). 

Entering an exploration phase, I began to explore the world of law as an escrow associate out of college (my "rebellion" against the expectations I set against my own self, if you will). I ultimately made the decision to leave the firm feeling enriched by the teamwork, but discontent with the impersonal nature of standard office work.


Unable to let go of my fascination with the operations of the human mind, my previous aspirations as a clinical researcher and behavioral therapist inspired me to learn more about ways that I could still study human behavior with a more optimistic and empathetic approach to research. With this, I became passionate about the field of UX and the way it restores personality and creativity in behavioral research with the end goal of bringing happiness to others.

My journey to UX isn’t so much about leaving my previous aspirations behind as it is about fulfilling my passion for getting to know the human mind in an optimistic way that holds more meaning to me.

When I’m away from my 15+ Google Chrome tabs and Figma, you can find me at my local gym, on hiking trails, or sitting in front of my mirror playing with colorful powders and creating makeup looks!

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